“One-way ticket to a new life!”

The word is out; I'm leaving Belgium to roam the world! A solo trip around the world which I'm kickstarting in the Philippines. Take-off: Amsterdam, January 11, 2017 at 20h50. Date of return: unknown. Exciting times ahead!
A short introduction. I'm Kurt, a freelance photographer and video producer from Belgium. I bought my first camera in 2008 and became a full-time photographer in 2012 shooting mainly fashion, interior and corporate jobs. Some people around me already knew about my travel plans in advance, but now I’d like to tell everyone and start this new life project!
Why would I leave a healthy photography business behind and travel the world? The reason might sound a bit harsh, but I wasn’t happy anymore with the daily routine of work and life. I needed a break, a fresh wind blowing new inspiration. And I guess the Southeast Asian tropics are a great place to start.
Apart from departure and arrival in the Philippines, there isn’t a fixed itinerary I’ll be following yet. It’s that feeling of total freedom I’d like to experience. No pressure and just go with the flow.
To document my adventure and its memories, I came up with a new identity, Miles and Views. Expect me to stay true to photography at first, but when I feel the need to pen down a thing or two, I’ll be writing a few blogs now and then. Feel free to give me feedback at any given time. You can connect with me on the social platforms listed below or email me at hello@milesandviews.com.
In my next blog post I’ll be digging deeper in the why and how of this adventure. I hope to keep seeing you around here and explore the world together!

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